I read a lot of blogs. I think it makes me feel better because if I’m reading so many it leaves me little time to feel bad about not keeping up with my own.

The most consistent advice I’ve been given about writing over the years is; just write. The problem with that is the mountain of garbage you inevitably pile up looking for that great line or phrase. It can be demotivating.

But what to write about? I’m good at random observations..maybe that.

I just did my laundry but have no hangers for my clothes.

Ok..maybe not that..

I could write about the beer I’ve been having, but who needs another beer blog? ‘Smooth flavor with a throaty finish…’ Exciting. Honestly; I will write about it, who am I kidding? Hey! Speaking of beer…’Double Bastard’ by Stone Brewery is amazing.

I recently discovered that my cellphone has a notepad function. This was great when we went to Japan. I thought I would take all these awesome notes and blog like crazy when I came home. The problem is that by nature I’m a lazy bastard. It would have made more sense to blog when I was there, given that I was on vacation and had actual time to sit at the computer. Now that I’m home? Well; we came back the first week of August, and how much of the trip have you read about? It also doesn’t help that I can’t decipher my own short-hand. ‘wtf? sen the bb..car dent!’ Makes no sense to me, either.