I’m reading an advance copy of Linda Fairstein’s “Silent Mercy”. For those of you unfamiliar with her, she is a very popular Mystery/Thriller writer. Without giving too much away, the story involves women in religion and someone who wants to kill them. There are some very interesting facts she touches on, such as the rise of Pentecostals and the use of Mixed Martial Arts to convert men.

The writing is fairly light, and the story moves along at a good pace. Near the end, however, she’s lost me.

Strike 1) She refers to Hyannis (MA) as a ‘resort’ town. Hyannis may be many things, but ‘resort’ is not on the list. There’s lots of chain stores and strip malls, lots of homeless people (they sleep up against my building in the nicer weather), lots of taxes and fees on businesses, lots of traffic, lots of elderly, lots of shoplifters….I think you get the idea. She may have been thinking of Hyannis Port, which is a whole different world. Unless she means the Days Inn nearby the store?

Strike 2) As she and a detective are speeding to the Cape, she tells him to ‘take I95 through Fall River and New Bedford…’ You can’t; 95 doesn’t go near there. Unless she means 195, and hopefully its just a typo.

Strike 3) “When we get out on the Cape, you’re going to have to watch out for deer. They’re everywhere at this hour of the night.” Really? Everywhere? Between Routes 6 and 132?

I’ll finish reading it anyway, because I do want to know what happens to the crazy guy, but I’ve got a good feeling I know where this is heading. Maybe I’ve read a few too many mysteries over the years.

And then there’s this:

Yes, that’s right: MS Paint. Inspired by Hyperbole and a Half, and perhaps a few too many birthday drinks, it’s called ‘dog’ (go figure). I liked it at first, but the more I look at it, the more I worry about the poor little guy. The expression on his face is a little creepy, and I’m not sure where his fourth leg is. And why is the ground all blue? I know why: Crown Royal, Imperial Stout and Pale Ale.

I will not be repeating this experiment, so Allie Brosh has nothing to worry about. Not that she did, anyway. From me, anyway. Well…how do I get out of this loop…

Surprise!  Always leave on a funny note…