The semester is over! My final piece of work was a persuasive speech for my Communications class at 8 am yesterday. My topic; why it is better to shop in a bookstore than online.

I know, I know…shocker. But it worked, and I got 23.5 out of 25 for the work. What pulled my grade down was a section that I had in the wrong place. We were required to use a very specific format, and blah blah blah.

It hit me about halfway through the next kid’s speech that it was over. My semester was done! First time back in 15 years, and I survived. I also should have all A’s for the first time ever. I have never made a Dean’s list of honor roll before, so I’m not used to this feeling. It’s kinda cool.

My  teachers were amazing, patient, and helpful. That is also something I’m not used to. Growing up, we were pretty much on our own. Things were due when they were due, and if you didn’t understand the assignment? Oh well! Go find someone who does and ask them. Maybe they won’t laugh at you. Maybe it won’t be one of the local bullies.

In any event, having sorted out my medication issues early on certainly helped. Mindfullness pratice certainly helped as well. I have not had time to go to any of the sanghas that I would like, but maybe now that things will settle into some kind of quiet (fingers crossed) I can work on that.

Maybe more later, or in the next couple of days. I need to relax, decompress, and transition to holiday mode. Then I can think about next semester! Four more classes.