Well…that was fun!

So far three classes have posted grades, and I have three A’s. In two of the classes I broke the curve (99.6 in social work, 103 points out of 90 in sociology). I also got a 96 in Environmental Bio. Tops in all three classes. In high school, the highest you could get for a gpa was 4.2 (all A+’s). In college, you can’t get above an A. I never thought I’d feel remotely cheated about that, but I do. It is a strange feeling.

The only class left to post is Communications. Ironically, she is the most uncommunicative teacher of the group! Does not use the internets or school network to send info to students. The class itself was great; she is an excellent teacher.

My internship was also fantastic. I worked with Middelboro Youth Advocates for about 30 hours, and came away feeling that I made the right choice of social work as a major. I also think that every major should have an internship component. We had a couple of psychology majors in the class that are now rethinking their choice of major. Two other girls had wanted to work with kids at the start of the semester, but after their internship decided that a diferent population would suit them better. And one girl, a senior criminal justice major graduating in the spring, found out that she has the wrong major for the work she wants to do. She was told that the probation department does not hire criminal justice majors; only social workers. If she had an internship when she started her degree work, she would have found that out then, rather than shortly before graduation.

And now that the excitement is over, I’m planning to tackle next semester a la Hermione Granger. I have a book list, and I’ve already started reading one of them (“The Place of the Lion”). It is full of Platonic imagery, so it will be a tough read, Plato never being one of my favorites.

As for music; I haven’t kept up with much of late. I was gifted copies of the new Red Hots cd (totally wasn’t burned at all), and of the Muses “Anthology”. While the Red Hots is pretty good, “Anthology” stayed in my player for weeks. I also purchased a copy of the “Crooked” cd by Kristin Hersh, and that has replaced “Anthology” in my player, and hasn’t left since. My daughter bought methe book for Chrsitmas last year. I took that to have it autographed when Kristin performed on Cape Cod recently. Sadly, I had a bad case of laryingitis, so I couldn’t actually talk to her when I got to the front of the line. Which was just as well. She was not supposed to be talking after the performance either, so it kinda worked out.

If I don’t get to post before next week; Happy New Year!