So the first week of spring classes is done. Of the four classes I’m taking, three are heavy memorization. Chemistry, Art History (Ancient), and Human Behavior and the Social Environment (another major course). The fourth class, Issues of Diversity and Oppression, is mostly discussion (as opposed to lecture) and group work. I had the same teacher for the Intro to social work last semester, and she is fantastic.

The Chem teacher promises that there will not be too much math. While some is unavoidable, I am looking forward to not having to do that much. He is also quite funny. He retired ten years ago, but keeps teaching this class and one other. “I am a professor emeritus!” he said the first day. “That means…I’m old, so you must repect me. Also, because I’m emeritus!”

The Art Hisory teacher is very new. She reads directly from her notes, and uses a laser pointer even though she is two feet from the display screen and more than tall enough to physically point to what she wants us to pay attention to. I do not like laser pointers; they just don’t effectively highlight anything as the red dot moves around the picture. We also must memorize dates, and come within ten years (five on either side) of the correct date on a test. There are two museum visits scheduled; one to the Gardner, where I have not been before.

In the Human Behavior class, we will be required to memorize a lot of psychological theory. I’ve taken enough psych courses before that this should be mostly refresher. The prof is (very quiet), and there is one other student from my social work class last semester. There is a group project involved, and there will be class group work as well. One thing about the social work department at Bridgewater; they place a premium on cooperative learning.

That’s the story so far…updates will follow.


This is not the post I had originally intended to have done for today. It was supposed to be a post about Buddhism and religion. I am currently reading “Hardcore Zen” by Brad Warner, and it is pushing my mind in new directions. I need to process what I’m reading, so it may be a while before the post is written.


And then there’s my favorite picture of the week:

I do not think “free” means what you think it means…