It has taken me a while to finally get this semester. I couldn’t fid the rhythm or pace. My classes are oddly spaced, with huge breaks between them Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. I also get home later on these days, and Robbin and I carpool the others, so I don’t have a chance to settle in at home to study. I finally figured it out last week, when I got my first graded work back (A’s!). I also had a very good Art History class, where I finally understand the teacher’s approach and what she expects out of us.

So things seems to be progressing along nicely. The Diversity and Oppression class is very challenging, and quite often the homework leaves me angry. Class discussions have been fantastic, though.

Still working on a Budhism post, but it has been put on the back burner for a bit. I’ve been letting it simmer in my mind, and will get to it maybe by spring break.