Many, many things have happened since I last posted. Not only do I have my Master’s degree, but my LCSW as well. I have a real full-time job as a psychiatric social worker on a geriatric in-patient unit. My wife and I have moved in with our daughter and her kids. My son is going through a divorce (he can’t move in with us, though: he has a cat and I’m deathly allergic). Lots of change in a little space of time. My anxiety has been through the roof most days since July.

I have been unable to read anything new, so I’ve been re-reading the Harry Potter books. My car stereo is down to two kinda functioning speakers, so music hasn’t been as enjoyable, so nothing new there. I guess some sameness in the middle of this insanity is ok. Once the dust truly settles I can get back to other things.

My hope is to have the time to update her more often. I know blogs are passe now, but I’m not young and hip enough for a vlog. See you soon.